Wednesday, 21 May 2014

HAWAII 1969 - tourist pictures.

Risking serious injury - a movie sequence proved popular in "Australian Seafari"

Waikiki has a unique wave created as the ocean floor slowly becoming more shallow.

Has the beachfront below Diamond Head changed much, with new buildings, in the past 45 years?

Primo - the popular local beer in 1969

Where is Kim Griffin today?

'Specks' parked cars at hotels or restaurants at night for a small income.  Where is 'Specks' today?

The famous beach - at sunset.

High-rise buildings close to the beach were a novelty to see for any visiting Australian.  The Queensland Gold Coast at home was yet to copy this trend.

Polynesian influence is popular in Hawaiian architecture or is it a church?  You can bet most of these buildings have been replaced with larger versions.

Saturday, 19 April 2014

NEWSREEL - Bondi sharks 1950s

Scott Dillon - one of his encounters with a shark while on a surfboard at Bondi.